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The Remembered Visit by Edward Gorey

The Remembered Visit: A Story Taken from Life - Edward Gorey

After the death of Edward Gorey, brilliant writer and illustrator, Pomegranate Communications began re-printing some of Gorey’s most famous works. The Remembered Visit is one of these. You can even get postcards with some of his most well-known pages printed on them, also from Pomegranate.


The Remembered Visit contains no more than a few hundred words, but the story spans 64 pages because each sentence is beautifully illustrated in Gorey’s signature line style. Also typical of his style, there are pages devoted to illustrations and sentences that don’t seem to contribute anything to the plot. These are usually remarks on everyday activities, as if to lull the reader into a comfortable state where he or she can relate to the characters.


"Tea was brought: it was nearly colourless, and there was a plate of crystallized ginger."



The Remembered Visit is a very simple story about a young girl’s first experience of regret. She makes a promise to a new acquaintance whom she meets while traveling, and forgets to fulfill it until many years later, when it is too late. The stark simplicity with which Gorey renders this emotional story makes it easy to relate to. The details are so spare that the reader can replace Drusilla’s regrets with his or her own.


If you’re a Gorey fan, or if you’re exploring his works for the first time, check out the beautiful hardcover editions produced by Pomegranate. They’ve done justice to a late genius.